We, as shown in our name, ie Toyo Engine, started our business from the maintenance of diesel engines. It is told in our company’s history that just after the end of the World War 2 , we made hot bulb engines from the engines release by the occupiied army and sold them as our own brand generator. Most important and required matter is how to succeed accumulated knowledges and technology smoothly. We could boastly say that we have nowadays a lots of capable young staff, who could undertake even latest Tier 4 engines. We are capable of dealing with various engines, from olden types to latest type and foreign to domestic msde ones, with utmost responsibilities and confidence.
We also have undertaken maintenance and repair works of various railway maintainance machinery for both companies associated with Mrs.JR East and private railways since the era of Mrs.Japan Railways. The machinery include Multiple Tietampers, Balast Regulators, Rail Motor Cars. Rail Cranes, Rail Scrapers, etc. We, aiming for the safe and smooth railway tyrabsportation, have undertaken 24hours service.

Our Products (High Quality&Easy to Handle)

We first manufactured the line marker TY-10 45years ago, and have made various improvements to make the line marker TY-770. We could attain long durability and along life to the machines. We are sure to going to pursue customers’ utmost satisfaction for reliability and easy handling.

line marker

line marker

We developed rail heaters based on the experiences and knowledge of heating asphalts for roads. Rail heaters are used to heat rails when they are connected, up to the supposed temperature to be exoperienced under hot summers to abserve the expected expansion Petrole will be used for fuel and they, two types both hand push-type and self driven, are used under any tough conditions.

rail heaters

rail heaters


Actual Performance

Maintenance of Multiple Tytamper

The picture shows Periodical Maintenance(annual checking) Multiple Tytamper.
Machine to be ale to execute the tamp of gravels, levelling and lining of rails simaltaneously.


Maintenance of Balast Regulator

The picture shows initial checking for launching Balast Regulator.
To control the shape of the section for rail road beds and to adjust ample balasts and by using stabilizer to compact rail road beds.


Maintenance of Rail Scraper

The picture shows the periodical checks done by every year.
To maintain rail tops in nrmal shape, For scraping rails they are two types: one for using grinder and one for cutter.


Recovery works done on 11th March 2013(East Japan Earthquake disaster)

The earth quake on 11th March 2013, gave big damages to the Air base for Japan Self Defence Force. We, at that time, cooperated and helped them for recovery.


Maintenance of Engine for Transtenner

The picture shows the loasding works of containers at Honmoku Wharf in Yokohama.
Transternners are used to transport containaers from ships to trucks. We are doing the maintainance works of engines to keep transtenners in good conditions.


Maintenance of Generators

Such places where a lots of people will gather and not allowed any black-out,ie.department stores, huge super markets, big amusement parks, etc, install electric generators, We are doing maintenance works for such generators which are enable to produce enough electricity to afford more than 200 to 500 hundred houses.




November 1948

Founded Toyo Nainenki Kogyosha Co.,Ltd at Watarida in Kawasaki

June 1949

Move to Motoki in Kawasaki

November 1952

Open Noborito Factory at Noborito in Kawasaki

November 1972

Paid-up Capital JPYen 30million(up to present)