Maintenance and Repair of Engines

We are doing the maintenance works inclisive of over-haul, of engines, starting from marine engines to large scale diesel engines for more than 60 years. We are able to deal with all the kind of engines starting, from small air-cooled engine to latest model type engines conntrolled by computors for various construction machinery, rail maintenance machinery and electric generation. We are able to do all the works conected with engine, maintenance, repair and installation ,etc.

Overhaul&Re-built Engine

All the our service staff for dealing with engines are acquainted with excellent knowledge and skills, and always seek for customers’ complete satisfaction.
Our staff will be able to solve all the troubles concerned with engines, inclusive of periodical overhaul, by finding out all the causes of troubles.

Final tests for performance

We observe most suitable tests for engines performances by using three different dinamometer, 70KW up to 1200KW up. Experienced and capable staff will observe the final tests for performance, and then only engines which pass the check will be released.You could use such engines as passed the severe checks safely and for a long time.


Maintenance and Repair of Railway maintenance Machinery

We are dealing with maintenance and repair works with various railway maintenance machineries Multiple tytampers, Balast Regulators, Rail Scrapers, Rail Cranes, etc. annually, periodically and in emergency cases.

Multiple Tytamper

We are doing maintenance and repair works with tamping machine which are used to secure thr safety of rails by tamping balasts for railway beds for both Matisa-made(Switherland) and Plasser-made(Australia) machines.

Rail Scraper

We are doing maintenance and repair works with rail scrapers which, scrape the head surface of rails to attain smooth and comfortable riding and to me rails more long life for both Speno-made(Italia) and Harasco-made(USA) rail scrapers.

Rail Crane

To maintain and repair special locomtive cranes to hoist heavy materials up used where usual cranes from outside cannot be used.


Maintenance and Repair of Construction Machinery

To maintain and repair various range of construction machinery from heavy duty to light duty, road pavement machine(finishers) truck mounted concrete pumps, crawler cranes, elevated level working machine, etc. and also deal with modification of various construction machinery.

Special voluntary periodical checks designated by laws

Following to the Labour Safety and Sanitary Regulations, all the construction vehicles shall be undergone with periodical volun tary checks once a year. We have a lots of qualified mechanics and observe such checks for safety operation of construction vehicles.

Maintenance and Alteration of Construction Machinery

With accumulated knowledges and experiences we can alter and manufacture any machineries and their attachments according to the customer’s requirements to pursuie more effective working conditions.

Sheer Metal Processing and Welding

We can manufacture all kind of machinery and products with sheer metal processing and welding for utmost accuracy following original designs.

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